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​Started career in 1999.

​Opened my own salon in 2009.
About Renada Simpson
I started in my first salon, October 1999. I've worked in two other salons since then, but by the grace of God, October of 2009, I became the owner of Testimonial Hair Designs!

People sometimes ask, "Is it a church salon?" or "Why did you name your shop that?" I let them know, no it's not a "church" salon. You see I've been through some things in my personal and business life, but God always held me through. He blessed me with this great talent that all hairstylist don't have, and I'm grateful. He has blessed me from the beginning of my career with incredible clientele, and I'm appreciative. And at the age of 28, He told me, "It's your time," and blessed me with the means to open my own salon. This salon is my testimony.    

Interested in coming a client of THD?

Please contact Renada in advance, because she books fast! Contact info listed above.